MMR Vaccinations

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The NHS has recently sent out texts to young people or their parents / carers regarding the MMR vaccine. The texts say that the patient may not have had one or both MMR vaccines (Measles Mumps and Rubella). We have received many phone calls about this, and on checking the records we have found that the texts have been incorrectly targeted, and all records we have checked have shown that the full course has been received.

Please help us by checking the Red Book or the NHS App before contacting us.

We have thousands of patients who potentially have received texts and it has already been problematic for our phone lines.

If the Red Book or the NHS App do not show that two doses of the MMR have been received (usually at 13 months and 3 years 4 months), please reply to the text from Dr Vellaturi with the word “MMR” and we will check the patient records.

Please allow 4 weeks after your response for us to check records before chasing us up. If we find that you / your child need the vaccine, we will add you to our list, and will contact you in due to course once we have ordered stock and organised our clinics.

If we find that you / your child is fully vaccinated, we will reply to let you know.

If the Red Book / NHS App do show both vaccines, there is no need to contact us.

We really appreciate your support with this!

You can find more information about the MMR vaccine here